The Lincoln Lawyer: A Review

Finally, exams are over! After several grueling weeks of studying and memorizing lots of things, I could finally sit back and relax.

My friends who are also aspiring lawyers like me, have been so stressed out too. The past few weeks have been really hectic for us that is why now is the time for me to do our favorite pastime—to watch movies!

My friends and I always make sure to catch movies in theatre especially those crime and courtroom drama types. Why? Because we aspire to have such an exciting career as lawyers too. In fact, we have been talking about our future as lawyers lately.

Personally, I want to concentrate on family law, because it interests me the most and I also think that I would be able to help a lot of people. I would really love to work at Aitken Partners or Slater Gordon and be a very good family law lawyer. That is, if my parents won’t allow me to go abroad and practice my profession there.

Anyway, one of the latest crime drama films my friends and I were able to catch is The Lincoln Lawyer, which was based on Michael Connelly’s  novel with the same title. It starred Matthew McConaughey as  Mickey Haller, a successful criminal defense attorney based on Los Angeles and he goes around town in a Lincoln Town Car (hence, the movie’s title). He had worked on different kinds of cases as a defense lawyer until the case of Louis Roulet (played by Ryan Philippe), a known playboy and the son of a real estate mogul and is accused of the brutal beating of a prostitute, lands on his lap.

There are lots of unexpected twists and turns in this movie that makes it really exciting to watch. The suspense has been carried on from start to finish.

I also have to commend Matthew McConaughey for his outstanding portrayal of the role of Mickey Haller. At first I was hesitant to see him in roles like this, but then after this movie I have to say that he is a convincing actor.

I have enjoyed this movie, and I recommend it to everyone. If you loved the book (like I did), you would also love the movie because of its loyal portrayal of the story and the characters. The casting and the acting are superb. It is one of the best films that came out so far this year.



Security Systems can protect us from demons

I was watching Paranormal Activity the other night with my friends and I liked it! I haven’t watched a thriller movie for a long time and I was impressed.

My friend told me that the sequel (Paranormal Activity 2) will be premiering this week and I am excited! I think the sequel would not be that of a far cry from its original installment but it will be as interesting and as scary as the first one. I have read that in the sequel, Katie’s family will be installing security systems after their home has been broken into. Through the installed security systems, they will see spooky phenomena that are happening inside their house, such as doors mysteriously closing and flickering lights.

In my opinion, what makes the Paranormal Activity movies interesting is the fact that it used footage from video cameras and security systems in the movie. Security systems, for instance, are installed at our homes to ensure our safety 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So I guess it is just right that it will be able to record anything that is happening in our homes whether it is the real thing (like burglars) or spooky things (like ghosts and demons).

It also got me thinking… why do they still have to scare themselves and check out the demons personally if their security systems have already warned them about it? That’s the good thing about security systems—warning you about the danger and anything that is happening around you without you knowing to ensure your safety.

Maybe this is paranoia kicking in, but my roommates and I have installed security systems at our apartment. This is not just to find out if there are ghosts and demons lurking around at night, but of course to ensure our safety from burglars. With the increasing rates of crimes everywhere, we can never be too safe, right?

I’ll be blogging my review on Paranormal Activity 2 once I get to watch it!

Dealing With Your Inland Finance

Dealing and solving your financial issues maybe one of the hardest part of your life. It’s really hard to decide and it’s really make us crazy when we think that our life and future is in danger.

But don’t worry because there are many financial institutions on earth that can help you and willing to help you with your problems. If you have a problem paying all your debt then you can read this article made by the microstore financement or Edit Butler Finance Tips to help you educated with the ins and out of the business world.

The bottom line here is to read, ask the expert before you go. You can apply and ask them easily online and mostly these financial comapnies are willing to help every single person on the planet because they made a lot of money from them.

You can also read articles on Yahoo Finance and read New on Google Finance. Let me share you the latest on Google. The News is about Wal-Mart will end their Profit-sharing in Benefits swift.

Last month I read an article about how you can save money for your future. The article gave point on easily saving money by not buying luxury car or jewelries. It is true because most of the people with financial problems are those who loves to buy luxury items.

My point is if we were become wise in terms of living like they said, if we were become practical in our way of living, life would be easier.

Avoid Hazards in the Toy Empire

Buying the perfect kids toys is no easy feat. You have to consider the child’s age, interests, and most importantly his safety. With all the toys in the market, you are lucky if you can find the perfect gift in the shortest period of time.

Time is of the essence. Hence, it is always a great idea to plan and shop early if you are planning to go hunting for boys toys. Planning early for the next toy purchase will help you save since you have a general idea what you plan on buying. Moreover, it will help lessen the hassles of sopping at the last minute. Knowing early on what you want for your young boy will definitely benefit you as much as it would benefit the recipient of the toys.

Check the toy recall list online before deciding on what boys toys to give. This way, you will not be wasting time looking for the product only to find out that it is included in the recall lists that are being issued nowadays. You can now head to the toy store once you have seen that the product you are eyeing on is safe for kids. However, there are still some factors to consider before you finally make that purchase.

Another thing, you might want to steer clear from toys with cords and strings until your youngster is old enough not to end up with the cords around him. With this in mind, yo-yos are not fit gifts for the children. Likewise, be sure to watch over the child if someone does give him a yo-yo just in case.

Overall, purchasing kids toys should not cause too much trouble. You just need to plan the purchase before heading off to the toy store so as to avoid any last minute confusions.

Meeting your Lawyer Melbourne

Consulting your lawyer Melbourne should not be as complicated as you may think it is. On the contrary, you should be confident when dealing with your lawyer. He is there to help you and make your life easier. Here are some tips to ensure you’re your discussion with the lawyers goes smoothly.

Prepare your questions. It is of utmost importance that you note down questions that you may have for your lawyers. List the most important concerns first. This will help you get it out in the open ASAP.

Promptness is a must. You should consider that your lawyer Melbourne is a busy man. The least you can do for him is to arrive on time. Also, being early for your appointment will show that you mean business and that you won’t be wasting your time or your lawyer’s. Moreover, being early might be to your advantage—you might be able score a couple more minutes with your lawyer Melbourne if he is not too busy.

Shop at the Online Empire for Your Lexmark Printer Ink

Buying a Lexmark printer is a nice investment. These printers are durable and easy to use. Moreover, the price you pay for the Lexmark printer is worth every penny. Furthermore, the ink quality is excellent.

There are several options to buy ink for your Lexmark printer. You may want to purchase them from office supply stores or you can simply buy the ink online. The best way for me is to get my printer ink from the internet.

What I usually do is buy ink from the manufacturer’s website. However, I also visit other online shops selling Lexmark ink. Through the internet, I can buy the cheapest quality ink for my Lexmark printer. It just needs a little patience to browse through all the ink sellers on the internet.

Patience is a virtue. I have saved some cash by hunting for the best deals in the internet. Besides, I do not need to leave the house to look for the cheapest ink available. Moreover, I have hundreds of shops I can visit online. Can you imagine having to leave the house every now and then to look for several office supply stores in search for the cheapest ink? That’s going to cost you a lot for your bus or cab fares.

Considering Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental meditation has piqued my curiosity. I know I mentioned about being hesitant in my previous post, but I figure I’ve got nothing to lose. I, therefore, have decided to look more into this matter.

It seems I do not need to change my lifestyle if I decide to enroll in transcendental meditation classes. That factor fits right in my criteria. Apparently, I just have to close my eyes and sit comfortably for 15 to 20 minutes and do it twice daily. Not bad, right? I also found out that this session will be regularly checked by a trained TM instructor to ensure that that what I’ll be doing is correct.

I have also found out that David Lynch Foundation offers Transcendental Meditation in their program. According to their website, this form of meditation really offers various benefits. This kind of meditation makes people handle stress better, lead a healthier life, and perform well in the office or in school. Moreover, transcendental meditation also improves your creativity. That for me is a clincher. You see, I like writing poems and making sketches when I’m tired. I guess I can kill two birds with one stone with TM—relax and improve my creativity at the same time.

So far, I’m getting more and more interested with this program. I’ll try to read more information about TM and find out if I really want to give it a shot one of these days.

Transcendental Meditation: I’m Hesitant. How about you?

I am an extremely anxious person. I seriously worry about the littlest of things. Take yesterday for example; I was waiting for a certain file from my colleague. Unfortunately, my colleague wasn’t able to send it to me by the time I was supposed to receive it. Knowing me, I freaked out. An hour hasn’t passed and yet I kept bugging my friend to send the file already. He told me he was going to email it and that I was over reacting.

Unfortunately for him, I didn’t care if he thought I was being impossible to deal with. I’ve lived all my life having things run on schedule. Although, I must admit there were certainly days that didn’t go my way… like yesterday. The thing is I can’t stop myself from having these anxiety attacks. I feel dreadful, to say the least. So what I do is to bury myself in tons of work. On the other hand, I try to while away the time by reading books, surfing the net, and walking the dogs. Last night, visiting cyberspace was on my agenda.

I wasted a couple of hours on the net. Well, I didn’t really waste my time. I looked up other ways I could try to ease my troubled and stressed mind. Finding an alternative was what I did. I came upon Transcendental Meditation.

Apparently, this technique is a great way to relieve stress and take care of one’s health. I’ve also read that it is even included in the curriculum of some schools. However, I have yet to find out if Transcendental Meditation costs a fortune.

I wonder if taking part in this kind of meditation is a breakthrough for me; regardless of it being an expensive treatment or not. To be honest, I’m having doubts. I have nothing against this technique. It’s just that I think I’ve tried everything. I have yet to find something that really works for me. Anyway, I’ll try to read more on Transcendental Meditation to find out if it’s worth the time and money to pursue it.

If anyone has already tried this method, could you please drop me a line? I’d really love to get your thoughts on this.

Welcome to Inland Empire Cinema

Directors:    David Lynch
Awards:        Venice Film Festival – Future Film Festival Digital Award – 2006

National Society of Film
Critics Awards – Best Experimental Film – 2007

Professional  Affiliations:  Absurda  Studio Canal 518 Media


Status:        Single
Zodiac Sign:    Aquarius
CANADA & UK Theatrical Dates

Canadian Dates Link

Exclusive Canadian Dates:

Wednesday May 2, 2007 – Vancouver at The Vancity Theatre
Friday May 4, 2007 – Montreal at Cinema du Parc (English language with French subtitles)
Friday May 4, 2007 – Toronto at the The Royal
Friday May 18, 2007 – Calgary at The Uptown
Friday May 26, 2007 – Ottawa at the Bytowne Cinema
Friday June 15, 2007 – Winnipeg at The Winnipeg Film Group Cinematheque
Friday June 15, 2007 – Edmonton at The Metro Cinema
Friday July 6 – Saskatoon at The Broadway Theatre
Thursday July 12 – Regina at The Regina Public Library

Official UK Website

Premiere Magazine – INLAND EMPIRE ****stars.
Premiere Magazine – INLAND EMPIRE


“I’m stunned by it. The visual texture Lynch creates in a new medium isn’t as immediately beautiful as what he’s done in film, but it has its own (sometimes quite ugly) integrity. Lead actress Laura Dern, playing a woman named Nikki Grace who goes from slightly diva-ish movie star to discontented ranch-house housewife to some things wholly other in the course of this three-hour immersion, gives the performance of several careers if not lifetimes. The picture is replete with instant classic Lynchian moments”

— Glenn Kenny

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